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Adventure Therapy Latvia is a group of legal organizations that unites representatives of the adventue therapy, ergotherapy and personal growth industry. Together, we have confidence that the adventure therapy is a powerful method to make improvements in different areas of human life.


Active Tourism Center „EŽI” loves people. We love to make people happy. Moreover, we love
to be there when people grow. We create a room, sometimes called a playground, a place
where you can play in the best sense. Watch, study, and see something new in yourself. Let
yourself be yourself, and ultimately do more than you`d imagined you could do. Our
programmes have been growing with us for 20 years, and we have been meeting regularly
with our Via Experientia European colleagues and partners to enrich our knowledge about
the power of adventure and experience its revelations in our own lifes – to learn something
new and, sometimes together, lead an international programme.
You already know everything. We`ll just give you a chance to hear it!

Rolands Melbārdis
Gints Vaseris
Ieva Erta

Latvian Association of Occupational Therapists
Occupational therapists are medical practitioners whose main task is to help people get involved in meaningful, important daily
activities for them and to help overcome different types of obstacles (physical, social,
personal, etc.) to make that happen. Occupational therapists through their intervention aim
for improving the health and well-being of a person in all aspects of his or her life.

IMG-20200911-WA0012 (1)
Unda Avota

“Lūzumpunkts” is an organisation with the mission: “Personal Growth Through Adventure”!
We specialise in the development, management and implementation of adventures, active
recreational events, team-building and personal development trainings, photo-orientation
competitions and active tourism adventures.
Our strength is the team that has rich expertise and together form a group of inspiring
people who don`t fear putting their ideas into life! We have accumulated our experience by
actively working in non-governmental organisations, organising major projects, creating trips
and simply doing, learning and growing together.

Māris Resnis

Sense of Team works with people, groups, and organizations for more than 20 years
because they like it and are good at it! We create and manage adventure expeditions with
the aim of creating multicoloured programmes (caves, mountains, rivers, sea, rocks, snow,
etc.) and dynamic programmes with therapeutic purposes (meaningful conversations with
the members of the group and individual reflections on what we have witnessed and
experienced). We feel pleased if it helps participants to better understand themselves and
their current place in life. Let`s meet, because the right moment is now!

Valdis Vanags
Līna Leitāne
Roberts Rubenis
Juris Zakrevskis

Learning center “Centrs ZIN”. Georgs is an upcoming Animas Valley Institute (Colorado, US) spiritual guide, certified TBRI (C) practitioner (Texas Christian University, US), and via Integralis schools teacher of contemplation. In nature Georgs organizes Soulcfract art retreats, as well as seminars and group activities in the learning center “Centrs ZIN”  and in the spiritual practice center “”.

Georgs Rubenis

Ogre cities youth initiative association “TALANTU KALVE”  is a youth organization, who’s activities are created to cultivate initiative and self-growth in the youth. We create and realize projects and programmes for youth, with the goal of taking them outside their comfort zone, and to learn new skills, like communication, teamwork, adapting to situations and believe in their strengths in a safe and supportive environment. To find yourself and learn about your talents, on the way to the ideal you. Adventure therapy methods are one of the tools, that we use in our work with the youth.

Iveta Žugre

Māksla labsajūtai” is an association made by art therapists with a goal of giving psychoemotional support for the people, who encounter problems in their physical, emotional, social, behavioral or cognitive spheres. Art therapists invites everyone to tend to their harmonious development- observe psychohygiene, encourage well being and develop emotional intelligence. Association organizes educational, supportive and informative events (art therapy groups, self-growth retreats, seminars and camps) with the goal to purposefully strengthen and support mental health actuality in the individuals and the societies lives preventively, by using art therapy, creativity and informal education methods.

Vita Beinerte
Ilze Plūme

Kristīne Vilcāne. The real life power is hidden behind a simple and wide-known truth: in a healthy body, healthy body healthy mind! The mind and the body of the human being is so intertwined, that its impossible to see them as separate from one another. Exactly because of this I use this approach that I use in my coaching sessions, hikes and self-development events. Furthermore I’m convinced, that new knowledge, findings and experience is far more long lasting if they come easily- through a game, an adventure, a little bit of adrenaline, movement and being in nature.

I am an author of multiple books and games  (, development coach and a hike enthusiast and adventure therapy is an amazing opportunity to combine all three areas, that are so important in my personal life- the grand power of nature, the development process and the joy of games. 

Kristīne Vilcāne

Ziedulaiva is a professional school of floristics accredited by the Latvian Chamber of Crafts, that has been active for the last 15 years. The school has 2 main directions- professional training to obtain a florist trade, and nature therapy camp organization. For more than 9 years we have organized landart camps in nature, where we offer the participants to experience nature adventures with a therapeutic elements, to help people discover themselves anew, learn to cooperate and regain the balance for day to day life. Outdoor camps take place in a multitude of places: in forests, next to seas or lakes, or in the nature parks. The moto of our school- physically active, in peace, creative! We are glad for each and every participant, who takes with them the experiences they received with us in nature and uses them to improve their life quality.

Gaiva Mičule