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How to join?

Have we intrigued you?

If your life and business include adventures and/or helping other people, we invite you to join the Adventure Therapy Latvia group. We are open to new participants who are ready to create together adventures with added value and to develop their knowledge further into adventure therapy.

You can join us in one of three membership categories: as a participant, as a volunteer support person, or as an upcoming adventure therapy practitioner.

  • Participant
    You can learn more about the upcoming personal, business or organization programmes here: or fill out this form to receive a newsletter about the actual information.
  • Volunteer support person
    If you wish to support the Adventure Therapy movement in Latvia with your knowledge, advice, or a helping hand, then fill out this questionnaire and we will know you have the initiative to help with the organization of an upcoming program or conference.
  • Upcoming adventure therapy practitioner
    To become a member you must be a legal person – a company, an organization, or self-employed.

It is worth joining us because we are industry experts with a high standard of responsibility for both program participants and program content. The group is a member of the  Adventure Therapy Europe and International Adventure Therapy network, which gives us access to the world’s leading minds in this field and access to the world of adventure therapy.

Accession takes place in three following steps:

  1. Assess your compliance with the quality standard of Adventure Therapy Latvia (by responding to the questionnaire and sending it to us);
  2. Obtaining recommendations for your membership from the two existing members;
  3. The decision of the Assembly of Members on the reception of your organization;
  4. Paying the yearly membership fee of 80 euro (which is used to popularize Adventure Therapy);
  5. Attend two-level theoretical and practical introduction training (2 + 3 = 5 days), about how to become a good organizer of an adventure with a therapeutic benefit You’ll also get the chance to “get on the same page” with other member organizations.
    Next training will take place on january/february 2022. Thraining expenses are covered by the participants.
  1. Receive a certificate that allows you to organize programs with a goal of a therapeutic benefit under the Adventure Therapy Latvia within Latvia.