Adventure Therapy Latvia ZOOM conference (17.11.202020.)

We discussed the events of the past season and the topics ahead. We listened to the results of the research work of one of our members -an occupational therapist Unda Avota (Latvian Association of Occupational Therapists) on the burn-out syndrome and how to cure it with elements of the adventure therapy.

Adventure Therapy Latvia “door” training (11.02-13.02 .2020)

Three intensive days at the Sense of team Training Centre were representatives of seven organizations found common denominators for Adventure Therapy’s approach and capabilities with the help of Dr Stephan Natynczuk’s expertise. 

Date Of Birth – Adventure Therapy Latvia (5.12.2019.)

In summer of 2019, Lina Leitāne (Sense of team)  traveled to Germany to represent Latvia AT THE GATE 2019 event organised by Adventure Therapy Europe (ATE). She returned from GATE 2019 as an ATE representative. Thanks to our partners that day we started our way to founding  Adventure Therapy Latvia.