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About us

Adventure Therapy Latvia is a group of people who are convinced that an adventure can be more than an adrenaline-saturated event.

Our aim is to create therapeutic adventure programs (meaningful conversations with the group’s members and individual reflections on what has happened) that would help their members to better understand themselves and their place in life.

Every story has a beginning …

The story of Adventure Therapy Latvia began in the summer of 2019 when Sense of Team represented Latvia in the Adventure Therapy Europe GATE 2019 event that takes place every two years. Our experience in the field of adventure got assessed and taken in the context of ATE with the main mission: to promote AT practices in Latvia.

Thought well, done!

5th December 2019 representatives of seven organizations gathered in Sigulda and agreed to set up the group “Adventure Therapy Latvia”. Thanks to the active tourism center “EŽI”, the outdoor life training center “Pelēkais Vilks”, a psychotherapist Inga Birkmane, company “The Latvian Element”, the Latvian Association of Occupational Therapists, the adventure organization “Lūzumpunkts” and “Sense of Team”, the group was founded including 7 member organizations.

Let’s grow together!