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Strategic planning and cooperation work session of the “Adventure Therapy Latvia” group of associates.

In order to benefit people, the world, and satisfy ourselves, it is important for every organization to understand where it is and where it wants to go. The intention to go in a certain direction is certainly important, but it must be aligned with both the available resources and the views of the member organizations, and perhaps most importantly, it must be in a reasonable time-frame.

This exercise was historically significant for the group of associates, as it brought together the “new” and “old” member organizations, which is a process that always contain both opportunities and risks. The days passed in smooth debate, even some productive conflict, in order to openly and boldly express opinions and visions about the future development of the group of associates and program quality we wish to deliver.

The working session proved the group of associates the ability to adapt to the current situation, as the proceedings were held both with face-to-face and remote approaches, with the participation of participants from Latvia, Madeira and even New Zealand.

Tangible benefit – the decision to obtain legal status of an assoication; creation of work groups and the distribution of responsibilities; a future vision of adventure therapy programs that are varied and of high quality.

Big thanks for the practical evening program to Rolands Melnbardis/Eži, theoretical foundations to Unda Avota/ Latvian Occupational Therapist Association, remote strategic planning session to Māris Resnis/Lüzumpunkts and review of team cooperation principles to Valdis Vanags/Sense of Team.