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New member organizations. Training program “Durvis 2.0”

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In February 2022, two years have passed since the first training of the “Adventure Therapy Latvia” – “Durvis 1.0”. This training was and still is the “entrance ticket” (read as mandatory) for member organizations to become great adventure therapy program practitioners, as there is always room for growth for everyone.

As adventure therapy gained more and more recognition this year, “fresh blood” has joined the organization – association “Talantu Kalve”, “Gestalt studio”, floristic school “Ziedu laiva”, association “Māksla labsajūtai”, Kristīne Vilcāne and “Centrs ZIN”.

In order to join the existing organization and “be on the same page”, Durvis 2.0 training was held, which consisted of two modules – practical (2 days in nature) and theoretical (2.5 days analyzing the experience and adding methodology for work with adventure therapy) , in order to gain the most comprehensive understanding of the content and boundaries of therapeutic adventure programs.

See you at “Durvis 3.0” in the fall of 2022.

Write us if you have experience and an interest in joining Adventure Therapy Latvia.

More info in the How to join section.