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The youth of Sigulda region will participate in an adventure therapy program

In 2022, the Sigulda region will implement a youth program “Experience!” for five months, which aims to help teenagers at social risk groups using nature and adventure therapy. The program will be implemented through the cooperation of the municipality of Sigulda region, adventure therapy specialists and the “R.R. foundation”.

The project was created as a continuation of the nature and adventure therapy project “Adventure Therapy Sigulda” that was started in Sigulda in the fall of this year, within the framework of which experts gathered and shared their experiences at a two-day international conference with the aim of bringing to life a method that is already known in the world and successfully used in solving various psychological and emotional problems- adventure therapy.

The “R.R. foundation”, which saw the potential to provide help with adventure therapy activities to youth between the ages of 13 and 16 who came to their attention, each of them with their own life story and everyday difficulties, but with the desire to experience a positive taste of adventure.

According to specialists’ observations, teenagers are not always ready to visit the therapist’s office to solve current issues related to their mental state, so this will be an alternative opportunity to provide them with the necessary psycho-emotional support.

As part of the program, young people will go on adventures in nature with a therapeutic purpose, to get to know themselves and the people around them better through nature and art therapy elements, to improve the basics of emotional intelligence, overcome physical difficulties, develop cooperation skills, become aware of their internal resources, learn to take responsibility for their decisions , as well as experience the joy of outdoor adventures and being together.

The activities will use the philosophy of adventure, which involves active exploration of the unknown, associating trials with opportunities and the group as a necessary element for the youths growth and community building. Program leaders will use the well-known experiential education methods for therapeutic results. This means that the youths will have to be actively involved, have a direct experience of adventure, thus promoting their motivation to act, creating opportunities for reflection and transfer of knowledge.

The implementation of the program will be ensured through the cooperation of adventure therapy specialists from “Sense Of Team”, “The Latvian Element” and art therapists from the “Māksla labsajūtai” association.

All activities included in the program provide for the “Challenge by Choice” approach, which allows each participant to determine their own level of challenge and ensure the willingness to reach or improve the limits of their abilities.

The project is financed by the “R.R. foundation”. The program will take place from January 8 to May 31 next year, organizing meetings and adventure activities with specialists for a group of young people once a month.